YouTube Marketing

There are multiple ways to promote your YouTube Content. Some of the ways that I do my YouTube Marketing is through Social Media and by using some of the tools that YouTube provides to all of their Content Creators. There are also 3rd party tools that I use for my YouTube Marketing.

YouTube Marketing


The main thing I use for YouTube Marketingis keywords. I add keywords to the video Title, Description, and Tags. This will help promote your video through YouTube internally. This will help YouTube place your video in the relevant searches, and browsing through YouTube. Adding keywords to your video is the first fundamental task that I perform.

You can also add keywords to your Channel in the Channel settings. Add relevant keywords that will help your channel come up when people are searching for content.

For my keywords, I use a keyword tool that is provided by Vid IQ. Once logged in you can go to SEO and then click on the keyword tool and see what relevant keywords people are searching for. I find this tool useful because it gives you alternate keyword suggestions that you can use in your tags.

Social Media

YouTube has a function that is built in to allow you to share your video on popular social media networks. I use this function every time I publish a video. It automatically publishes to Twitter, Google and some of the more popular Social Media outlets. I use a Facebook Page, and this option doesn’t publish to the page, it will only publish to a personal profile. I have to publish to my Facebook page manually.

The keywords that you use will help with your YouTube Marketing. When someone is looking for those keywords your video will rank in the searches and will show up when they are browsing.

YouTube Marketing is Easy

YouTube Marketing is fairly easy when you use the proper keywords. It will take time for your videos to rank higher among those YouTube Content Creators that have been making videos for years. You will get there, just keep your head up and keep moving forward.

I hope this helps you in your YouTube Marketing. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of my process, or if you do anything else for your YouTube Marketing. Please feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions.

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