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There are quite a bit of resource and YouTube Help in the world today. There are so many apps and websites that you can access for YouTube Help . How do you know what apps and resources are the most effective without trying them all out? Here is a list of some of my favorite YouTube Help sites and apps that I use.

YouTube Help

Tom Martin

Tom Martin is from England and he has years of experience managing multiple YouTube Channels. Due to his years of experience managing multiple channels, he is a wealth of knowledge. Tom has written a free Ebook that goes over YouTube Optimization and SEO. He puts out articles that will help you with your channel growth and optimization.

Caleb Wojcik

I found Caleb Wojcikthrough his Podcast on YouTube and video creation, I’m sad he’s no longer creating podcasts. I went back and listened to all of his podcasts and learned so much. Because of Caleb’s podcast, I re-arranged my channel and make it look more professional. Take the time to go through and listen to his Podcasts, they are still on his website.

Tim Schmoyer

The most noteworthy YouTube Help is Tim Schmoyer he has a vast knowledge of YouTube. Because of his experience in growing his channel he has created a business of mentoring YouTube Creators. He has a blog, videos, weekly podcast and he has created an Ebook. The information that I have learned from Tim over the past year has been valuable. I have seen growth in my channel. Tim also sells courses that you can purchase to learn more about YouTube and making it a full-time job. Whether you consume his free content or use his mentoring services Tim can help you with your channel growth.

Both Tom Martin and Tim Schmoyer are YouTube Certified, which means they went through a YouTube course and passed the required exam.

As a result of following their advice and making the changes on my channel, I have seen some good growth. Since YouTube is continually changing you will need to continually learn about the changes from YouTube. These 3 YouTube experts are continually putting out videos and podcasts on the changes of YouTube and how to make the changes necessary for continued growth.

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