YouTube Collaboration

What are the benefits of YouTube collaboration? Collaboration benefits Both YouTubers as well as their audience. Normally with a collaboration, One YouTuber would meet up with another YouTuber. They will film a video together, whether it goes on one channel or both.

YouTube Collaboration

Collaboration is Simple

Because I’m a small YouTuber I don’t have the budget to travel and meet with other YouTubers to do a collaboration. So, how do you do a YouTube collaboration to get your channel to grow? Well, the way I have done collaboration is I would have another small YouTuber send me a video clip, and I will add it to my video. I will then talk about them in my video, as well as put a link to their channel in the video description. This way you are still collaborating with someone, however, there is no travel or budget involved.

Benefits of Collaboration

The YouTube collaboration is great because it helps your channel grow. When you collaborate it introduces your audience to new YouTubers that you enjoy and want to support. It helps your audience find other YouTubers that may have the same passion or interests as yourself and the audience. To illistrate this, some of my favorite YouTubers have been found through watching as they have done a collaboration with others.

Another benefit of doing a YouTube collaboration with another YouTuber is it allows you to learn from someone else. Furthermore, you could learn how they make their videos, and how they film. Or on the other hand, you could be the one teaching. You could share your knowledge and experience with a smaller YouTuber and help them grow their YouTube Channel.

Lets do a collaboration

I am always interested and willing to collaborate with other YouTubers. If you would like to work with me please send me a note and let me know.