YouTube Channel Growth.

When you have a YouTube channel one thing that is always going through your mind is your YouTube Channel Growth. Is my YouTube Channel Growth fast enough?  How can my channel grow faster? These are some of the things that go through your mind all the time.

YouTube Channel Growth

The other question that you have to consider is, do you focus on the view growth or the subscriber growth?  They are both different types of growth.  The view growth is where your ad revenue comes from.  You get paid per view, and not a subscriber.  However, the growth in the subscribers, in theory, should mean the growth in views.

What To Do

How do you convert views to subscribers you ask? You want to create content that is good enough to get the viewer to hit the subscribe button. This will notify the subscriber when you upload. If you can accomplish that then you will accomplish both types of growth.  At that point, your entire YouTube Channel Growth will start to explode.

You need to focus on creating good quality content. Upload on a consistent basis, and interacting with your subscribers. If you are not sure how to interact with your subscribers, it’s really quite simple.
While you are filming you can ask a question.  Tell the subscriber to leave a comment with the answer.  Remind them to hit the like button.  Sometimes they don’t always remember to hit the thumbs up.

When they do leave a comment, make sure you take some time and respond to their comments.  The nice thing when you’re starting out, you don’t get too many comments.  You should have no problem keeping up with the comments and interacting with them.

How Does It Work

Youtube takes interaction into account when they are ranking videos in their search algorithm.  If a video gets more interaction from the subscribers/viewers, they are going to recommend it more.   If your viewers engage in your content then you have hit the YouTube Growth lottery.  Your videos will be showing up in the suggested videos more and more.

Another way that you can show YouTube that your video has relevance if you create a playlist. If the playlist keeps getting played or keeps the viewer on your channel, then that shows YouTube the video/channel has great content.

In conclusion, if you can continually create good quality content, that will bring people back to your channel.  That is where your growth will come from. That is where you convert a view into a subscriber.  What do you think is the best way to get your YouTube Channel Growth, Leave a comment and let me know.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I would be happy to answer your questions.

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3 Comments on “YouTube Channel Growth.”

  1. This is some great info for new YouTubers. Especially the asking and reminding people to like their videos and other things. I cannot tell you how many people have told me well they watch my videos but they do not like them. It is that most of the time people forget to. Great article.

    1. Yeah, YouTube Channel Growth is a major subject. Yeah, I’ve had people that don’t like my videos, and that is ok. It’s not for everyone. But if they do, some people forget to subscribe, or don’t know how that all works.

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