Why are you doing YouTube

Why are you doing YouTube and what are the benefits of it? When I tell people that I am a YouTuber they ask me why I do it, and what are the benefits of being a YouTuber. I started with YouTube when I moved from Utah where I grew up, with all my family. The reason I moved to Ohio was my amazing wife.  This is where she grew up.  All I wanted was for her to be happy.


Sharing My adventures

In the midst of the move, I didn’t want my family back in Utah to miss my kids or my adventures.  In order to share my adventures with my family back in Utah. I created my YouTube channel.

Growing As a Person

As I was learning the whole YouTube process, and getting comfortable vlogging in public. I have been able to improve myself as well as I have been able to come out of my shell. Being stopped in public with my camera and asked what I am doing.  At first, I would get flustered, but not anymore.  I just tell them I have a YouTube channel I put a video journal on.

Not only have I grown individually as a person.  As a result of my YouTube channel, I have found others who have enjoyed my vlogs.  I have been able to meet some great individuals who share their life stories as vlogs on YouTube. As well as finding others I had one individual has told me that I inspired him to start vlogging as well.  I am honored to be an inspiration in someone else’s’ life.

Background in Film Production

When I was in High School, I took a film production class.  I loved filming and editing videos.  It was such a joy to see something come from the raw film clips you get when you are filming and editing.  You get to see your ideas come to life in the project. Back in the day, the equipment was so expensive I wasn’t able to get into film production myself.  With technology these days we have everything we need to film, and edit videos.  YouTube gives you a platform to share your videos.  I have been able to re-learn film production.  I have been able to be creative and share some of what I’m doing with the world.

In conclusion, I want to know what you think about YouTube.  I am curious how others have benefited from YouTube leave a comment or Contact Me.

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