What is Patreon?

What is Patreon you might ask? Well, Patreon is a platform that allows creators to gain financial support from the people that have found their creations worth supporting.  Therefore, it allows you to support your favorite content creators.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is used by YouTubers, artists, bloggers and many other types of creators. It allows the creator to offer reward programs and perks for people who provide your creations with financial backing.

I have created a Patreon page for my YouTube channel in addition to my website. I love creating and sharing with all of you and becoming a patron would allow me to do a lot more.

Full Time Job

Being a productive member of society requires me to have a full-time job and pay my bills. However, the full-time job takes time away from creating.  My end goal is to be able to become a full-time content creator.  This goes back to my post on doing what makes you happy.  You got to figure out what makes you happy and run with it.

What I would like to Accomplish

As I’m working on doing what makes me happy I’m continuing to learn to be a better content creator. My goal is to continue to grow in my filming and editing abilities.  As well as growing, my goal is to increase my camera equipment to increase the quality of my videos.  Furthermore, my hope is that I can create content that you can find valuable and worth becoming a patron.

Consider becoming a Patron

Please head over to my Patreon page and have a look around. Create an account and follow me, even if you aren’t able to become a patron. If you like what you see think about becoming a patron and supporting my creations. In turn, you can enjoy the benefits offered to patrons only. Also, to help me create more and better content for you all.

As always you are not required to be a patron and donate money. The support would be greatly appreciate, however it’s not required. I will still continue to produce content for YouTube as well as my website.

Your support means everything

As always your support means a whole lot to me. Without you guys, I’d be some random dude online just uploading for nobody. If you have additional questions on What is Patreon feel free to leave a comment or you can contact me.

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