What is an Upload Schedule

What is an Upload Schedule? How often should I upload? These are a couple questions you should ask yourself when you start a YouTube channel. You will need to figure out how often you are going to upload. The best practice is to keep to that upload schedule. If you find it hard to regularly create content you can create a couple videos in 1 day. This will give you content to keep that Upload Schedule.

Upload Schedule

What Hurt My Channel

One thing that I know has hurt me has been consistency. Unfortunately, my life is so crazy that I can’t commit to an Upload Schedule. However, I have tried to upload once a week. It was a slow and steady growth to my channel. I have been experimenting with trying to upload 2 times a week. I have found the growth has been a bit faster. It seems that if you want fast quick consistent growth you need to be uploading fairly frequent. An Upload Schedule will help you upload frequently.

The last month I have made a point to upload 2 times a week and the growth of the channel has increased.  I have seen more views, watch time and even more subscribers.  It seems like the more often you are able to upload, the more consistent growth you will see.

Stay Consistent

If you can keep a consistent Upload Schedule you will see an increase in your views, watch time and even subscribers.  Subscribers like to know exactly when you are going to upload, that way they can come back for a new video on a regular basis.  If you are curious how an Upload Schedule will affect your channel, give it a shot.  In the event that it doesn’t work out for you, you can always go back to your way of doing things.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment.  You can also send me a direct message by Contacting Me.

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