What is a YouTube Shoutout and how do I get one?


Shoutouts, what are they and how do you get one? A YouTube Shoutout is when a content creator talks about another YouTube channel and tells their subscribers to go check it out.

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I have had multiple requests from people that just want me to give them a YouTube Shoutout for no reason.  My opinion on the issue is that as cool as it is to get a YouTube Shoutout from a YouTuber.  Shoutouts shouldn’t be expected, they should be earned.

What does that mean?

What does that mean?  Put in some work.  Make great content, figure out how to market your content.  Put in the work that every other content creator has done.  Figure out how you would get your content out there if you didn’t get a YouTube Shoutout. That way when you get a shoutout, it makes you feel so much better.

If you ask everybody for a youTube Shoutout then you come across as desperate.  It’s like when you are dating and you ask everyone you know if they want to go out.  If you ask everyone then no one is going to want to date you. If you come off as desperate then you are going to turn everyone away.

What do others say?

I asked a few other YouTubers what they think of the whole shoutout business.  A few of them informed me that they felt the same way I did.  When you get a YouTube Shoutout, it should be earned.  You need to put in the time and effort, get to know the individual.  Maybe, once you have a relationship and they like your content, then they will give you a shoutout.

Another YouTuber stated that he doesn’t give shoutouts very often. Their reasoning for that is. If you are doing the shouting, if it’s something you do often/regularly it will discredit your opinion and whoever you shout out will see minimal returns.

Build relationships.

One thing to note with YouTube and any other profession.  You need to build relationships.  Think of a collaboration, the most effective ones come from relationships that have been built. Work on your relationships with other YouTubers and everything else will follow.

If you can build relationships with other YouTubers. As well as put out great content that everyone can enjoy.  If they like your content, more than likely they will share it with their audience.  The greatest YouTube Shoutout comes from someone that you would never expect to get one from.

It’s important to realize you will see more growth from putting out great content on a regular basis. More growth will come, than you’ll ever get from a YouTube Shoutout.

I have personally had a few shoutouts myself.  They are great and make you feel special.  However, there isn’t very much growth from a YouTube Shoutout.  It’s definitely not enough to come off as desperate or burn all your bridges.

What are your thoughts on the shoutout?  Leave a comment below and let me know.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I would be happy to answer your questions.

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