Weekend Review – Productive Week

This has been a very busy, yet productive week for me. In this first ever Weekend Review I’ll go throug everything I did. The first thing I did, I challenged Herman the Great. I challenged him to a race to 400 subs. We were both around 380 subs. Since the challenge, my YouTube Channel has grown. At the time of writing this, I’m at 389 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. So if you haven’t gotten a chance, head over to my YouTube Channel, check it out. Also, if you like the content hit that subscribe button.  Help me out on the race to 400 subscribers.

Weekend Review


I wrote an article on finding your voice.  The article goes over starting a YouTube Channel. The challenge is not copying other YouTubers, instead find your own YouTube Voice.  Figure out what works and run with it.


This is the day that I released my video On YouTube titled What Are You Selling? In the video, I discuss the YouTube #AdPocalypse and how it has affected my channel.  I discuss my Teespring store as well as how my channel will be affected in the future.


It was a very busy day for me.  However, it was also very productive. I put out a video on how I do my live streams.  The title of the video is How To Live Stream with Google Hangouts  I wanted to make this video because I’ve had multiple people ask me how to do the live stream. I have no problem helping and answering questions.  However, in the video, I could show more.  I went over how I set up my live streams.  In the video, I scheduled my weekly live stream on Saturday night 10:00 PM EST.

I also released an article discussing starting a YouTube Channel, and what you should be filming. The article is titled What should my YouTube Channel be about? It talks about making a game plan on your YouTube Channel. Also, what makes you happy and focus on that.  If you don’t your channel will struggle, and you will lose interest.


As always we’ll have the live stream this Saturday night.  Come hang out with us, ask some questions. You never know you might learn something. As well as a few laughs and have some fun.

This YouTube Channel has been an adventure.  I’ve learned so much and I’ve met so many wonderful people.  Thank you all for your support on my Journey.  You are awesome.  Leave a comment, let me know what your favorite part of the week was.  If you have any questions feel free to Contact Me.

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