Weekend Review – I fell short


Wow, this has been a very different week. I fell short this week. The inspiration for writing, or even making a video has not been there. I have been hit with a huge brick of creators block. However, I am hoping this coming week, I can get that situation resolved.

It looks like we have picked up a few more subscribers. I have 428 at the present time. In the beginning, I never dreamed I would ever have this many subs. The continued support is really appreciated.  Thank you all for the comments, likes, and the subs.

 I fell short


This was a good day.   We went to Johnnies Tavern in Columbus Ohio and we had a freaking good Burger.

Here is what you guys had to say about the video.


I am working on my editing and telling a good story. I am always learning and getting better.  This may not have been the most interesting video, however, I tried to make the edit interesting.  If you have any critiques feel free to let me know.

Thank you all for the continued support.  I am very appreciative, as I would be nothing without you all.


Saturday Shenanigans are back.  If you are new to the channel, we did a Saturday Night live stream throughout September and October they had to go away for a bit. However, I am happy to announce that we are back at them.  Currently, the lineup for this week is Me, Mr. Teebee, Herman the Great and if John Hagerty can make it.  I have sent out a few other invites, however, I haven’t heard back on those.

I love live streams whether they are my own, or someone else’s. I’ve learned that I would rather be watching YouTube or Live streams, instead of actual television.

Patreon and Teespring

As much as I love uploading videos and I love that you all enjoy them as well. Unfortunately the time and effort as well as everything needed to film a video, not to mention the equipment.  It all takes time and money.  If you like my content and want to provide more support. Please consider either becoming a patron or purchasing some of my gear off Teespring.


I am always looking for people to collaborate with.  If you are interested in collaborating let me know. I have collaborated with a few other YouTubers already. As a result, I have seen some great growth on my channel.

Thank you all for your support.  Let me know what you think of the week we had. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Me.

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