Wasting Calories

Wasting Calories

I recently wrote an article about Changing My Lifestyle. I’m doing much better on it, however, there are days when I recognize that I am Wasting Calories.

Lifestyle Changes

As part of my lifestyle changes, I’m counting calories and trying to be more active. However, there are days that I fall off the wagon and drink a ton of soda. I’m not talking about the over 100 oz that I used to drink. However, I’m still drinking more than I should. I’ve come to realize that the only thing I’m doing is Wasting Calories. It doesn’t fill me up. It doesn’t quench my thirst and it makes me hungry.  All it does is for me it makes me even more thirsty and hungry. It may only be tasty for a few minutes, and then I’m back to craving something else.

In the time that I have started tracking my calories, I have noticed a few things. Most of all the things that aren’t helping my physical health. However, I have noticed the foods that I can eat, that are low in calorie and fills me up. My main go-to for lunches is a salad with a ton of lettuce and Ham. If I have enough lettuce, it’s low on calories and fills me up. The Ham that I use is low in calories and has the protein my body needs.

Changes are Hard

The whole lifestyle changes are most definitely that.  I’m still trying to get myself out and being more active.  I’m still learning what I can eat and what is Wasting Calories.  I have felt better being more active.  Some of my weight has been shed. I’ve been able to do a little bit of running.  I have a more work to do, however, so far I’m pretty happy with the changes I’ve made.

There are days that I KNOW I fall, however, I don’t let those days stop me from achieving my goals.  What do you guys do when you have a bad day?  How do you get yourself active and outside?  Leave a comment and let me know how you push yourself to achieve your goals.

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