Vlogging Process

vlogging process

Plan Your Vlog

The vlogging process is very straight forward. Plan what days you are vlogging. Have an activity planned for that day! Activities make the vlog more interesting and you get a good chunk of quality content. I spend time and effort trying to find activities that I can put in my vlog. The activity needs to be something to entertain my audience. Take the necessary time to plan your vlog. Make good quality content. Make sure they are entertaining for the audience. The goal is to get them to subscribe and come back.

Film Your Vlog

On the day that I’m vlogging I film Whatever is vlog-worthy throughout the day. I will take my vlogging camera with me wherever I go and film what I need to. Generally I try to make sure I start and end the vlog in the same day. I don’t always greet my audience but I close the vlog with a call to action. The call to action would be either subscribe, hit the like button or leave a comment.

Edit Your Vlog

As I’m going through my day I make a mental note of what may or may not make it into the vlog. I use this when it comes time to editing my vlog. when I’m editing, I watch all the content and make a rough cut and piece out the vlog. After that, I put in all the effects and sound. Then comes picking the thumbnail and title.

Create a Thumbnail

when picking the thumbnail and title you want to make sure the title is catchy. Some people use Click-bait in a negative way, but that is the job of the title and thumbnail. Make it original and find something that will grab the Audience’s attention. Make them want to watch the video, just by seeing the thumbnail and title.

Upload The Video

Once I have the edit finalized I will process it through my video editing software. The next step is to edit the thumbnail and make sure it looks eye catching. I will then upload everything to my YouTube Channel. I have a checklist that I go through each time I upload to make sure I don’t forget any of my steps.

After I have uploaded and published my video I will head over to social media to work on promoting my new video and my channel.

Contact Me

I hope this helps you in your vlogging process, if you have have any questions or comments please feel free to Contact Me.

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