Vlogging is Learning.

Vlogging is Learning


Vlogging is learning. A couple weeks ago I took the whole week to do a vlog each day. I wanted to push myself to make more videos. The reason I did this was to learn faster. It’s definitely a lot of work to make a video each day. Not only do you need good quality content, but you also need to take the time to edit the vlog. Most of the time I was up late editing and uploading so it would be ready the next day.


I’m learning that there are certain elements that should be in the vlog. It seems like every time I make a vlog I seem to forget something. It’s all about learning and growing, as well as practice. The more you practice the better you get.

Starting the Same

You know every time I get discouraged with something in the Vlogging process. I always remind myself that all of the bigger vloggers started out the same place. They all started with 0 subscribers and had to learn how to vlog as they developed their own Vlogging style.

Vlogging in Public

For me taking the camera out in public is hard. I’m not used to making videos in public. 2 weeks ago I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and took the camera shopping and to the Post Office. I felt a little bit awkward. There was a moment that someone walking behind the camera waved, and it made my day. It made the moment of filming in public less awkward.

Keep Learning

I’m continually learning to vlog, making videos and editing them. I watched some of my first vlogs and there were so many things that I see now that I would have done differently as I have more experience.

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