Vlogging in Public

Vlogging in Public

One thing that you may or may not have a hard time with when you start vlogging is Vlogging in Public. This is something that I’m working on myself. Sometimes I’m ok with it, and sometimes I get really embarrassed. I’m not sure why part of it I’m sure is the fact that I am somewhat anti-social sometimes. I’m still getting used to the social aspect of vlogging, and Vlogging in Public is a rollercoaster with that sometimes.

vlogging in public

Have Fun With It

One thing that I have noticed that has helped myself with Vlogging in Public is to just have fun with it. I’ve had several people that have either interacted directly with the camera or with myself. The interacting with the camera goes back to photo-bombing they want to get in the shot.

Answer Their Curiosity

The other way they have interacted in my vlog has been to ask me what I’m doing. I just explain that I’m making a video of my day, kinda like a journal. In the future, I’m going to try something like “I make daily vlogs that I post to YouTube.” This will explain what I”m doing and will give me the opportunity to direct them to my YouTube Channel. It’s not every day that they see someone with a camera pointed directly at them recording everything they are doing. They generally are curious about what you’re doing.

Don’t Worry About It

The other thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t matter what people around you think. If you are doing what you enjoy doing. You are definitely going to get some weird looks from those around. Keep in mind that they probably don’t understand what you are doing. You can either explain what you’re doing or just ignore them. As long as you enjoy it, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Enjoy What You Do

Vlogging in Public may come easy for you, or it may be something that you struggle with. If it’s something that you struggle with then just keep working on it. Everything isn’t going to be easy for everyone. I used to avoid Vlogging in Public because it was hard, I have been working on it more and more recently. I’m getting to the point that I enjoy the interactions with others.

Have fun with what you’re doing. Enjoy the process of making a movie, don’t let other peoples random curiosity or weird looks stop you from what you enjoy doing.

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