Turning Into my Mother

Turning Into my Mother

I realized the other day that I’m Turning into my Mother. My oldest was having a friend over after school (mom had to work). We told her a couple times over the weekend, to clean her room. She never got around to cleaning her room.

I picked the kids up from school. At first, I told them to play downstairs, because the room wasn’t cleaned. However, after a while, I thought to myself that wasn’t teaching her anything. I wanted to make sure she knew that it needed to be done and she wasn’t going to get away with not cleaning the room.

Teaching a Lesson

What I did at that point, I put a show on for the friend, and I sent the kids to clean their room. It wasn’t too messy, and they got it done pretty quick. But this left the small living room open for the adults. I mean, the kids have a bedroom for more than just sleeping in, Am I right?

While the kids were cleaning the room and the friend was watching a show. I was doing some dishes and I realized that I had turned into my mother. That was exactly what my mom would do. I’m sure that is where I got the idea.

Turning into My Mother

It’s crazy, how we grow up, there are so many things we learn from our parents. There are things we learn that we don’t want to do with our kids.

Every now and then I reflect on my upbringing and how lucky I am to have parents that were so loving and patient with me. They took their time to teach all of their kids and to spend time with them. They have taught me the importance of family. I may have needed reminder of that, however, family always will be the most important thing in my life.

What have you learned from your parents? What are you teaching your kids? Please leave a comment and let me know. You can also Contact Me.

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