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Where are my views coming from?

Some people wonder about their YouTube stats, whether subscriber views or nonsubscriber views are higher. I haven’t tracked mine personally. However, according to my current stats, it shows that the most views come from non-subscribers. When I look at watch time that comes mostly from subscribers.

subscriber views

I have more Non-subscribers views than subscriber views, but only by a couple.  The views that come from subscribers and non-subscribers are going to fluctuate when you start your YouTube Channel.   It will all depend on what your videos are about, titles, thumbnails, and your SEO you perform on your video.

Overall Goals

The overall goal is to turn a nonsubscriber view into subscriber views.  The way to do that is to be consistently uploading high-quality and entertaining content. Once you can find a consistent method of uploading high-quality content your subscribers will grow. When your subscriber base grows so will your views and watch time. Once you have a consistent method your views will start to transition from nonsubscriber views to subscriber views.

I am still working on figuring out my consistent high-quality content upload method. I know that some of my videos are better than others. when looking at my stats I have found that when I plan out a video. There is a plan on how the video is going to flow. With a planned out video, I have a higher quality video. Because of this, I try to plan every video, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

You can contact me

There are so many people out there that if you reach out to them, are willing to help you. I want you to know that if you have any questions you can always reach out to me on any of my social media accounts. You can also leave me a comment or feel free to contact me.

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