Streaming on Mixer

Straming on Mixer

Making changes to myself, channel and my brand. There comes a time that you need to evolve who you are. Some of you have noticed that I have been doing more live streaming lately. The reason for that is simply because it’s something that I enjoy. I love interacting with my audience and getting to know them, as they get to know me. Not only have I been streaming on YouTube, I’ve also started Streaming on Mixer.

More Than YouTube

You can find me at Daren Streaming on Mixer. The nice thing about Streaming on Mixer that I love is the latency. They have an Faster Than Light(FTL) technology that they use. The FTL allows for sub-second latency. What that means is you can interact with the streamer quicker, it’s more interactive.

The latency from Twitch and YouTube is around 20 seconds. You can lower that latency, however to do so puts extra work on your PC. Speaking about work on the PC, one thing I am learning is the Mac isn’t the greatest for gaming and streaming. It does one or the other pretty alright, however when you add them together it struggles. I am trying to find games that aren’t resource intensive that will allow me to stream and interact with the people that come to watch and hang out.

What am I Playing

One of the games that I have been playing lately is Stardew Valley. The game is an indie farming simulation role playing game. The player takes the role of a character who, takes over their grandfather’s dilapidated farm in a place known as Stardew Valley.

I am trying to find games that will run and stream on my mac. I did try to play Left 4 Dead 2, however the stream quality wasn’t very good. The video was good, however, the game play was very choppy. My mac just won’t cut it. I am working on other alternatives for streaming.

Not giving up.

I am not going to give up, I will play games I know wont struggle. If you know of a game that isn’t resource intensive please leave me a comment and let me know. If you have any experience with Streaming on Mixer hit me up. I would like to get to know some really cool mixer streamers.

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