Starting a YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

When you are starting a YouTube Channel that is easy enough. Head over to YouTube and sign in with a Gmail account or sign up for an account.

Once you have got the YouTube Channel channel created the hard part begins. First thing is to start making content. Once you have your video you can promote the vide and your channel.

YouTube Content

Let’s start with content. You can use anything to make your content such as a phone camera and a free editing program. A content creator can use the most high-end camera an expensive laptop and editing software. But if you don’t have a good content that is going to capture your audience, it’s going to be really hard to get anyone to stick around long enough to subscribe to your Channel

Promote Your Channel

The next step in the process is promoting your YouTube Channel. You will also want to add Tags to your Channel. YouTube uses these tags to determine what your channel is about and when people are searching it will go through your Channel tags to see if they relate to the search.

As important as the YouTube Channel tags are, so are the video tags. When you publish a video, use tags that relate to your video, so the video will come up in the searches.

Share with Family

Start sharing your YouTube Channel with your friends and your family. Let them know you have a Channel and share it with them. Hopefully, they will be interested in watching and sharing your content.

Use Social Media

Next, you will want to focus on Social Media. Share with those people that you occasionally interact with. As you go along you will find others that have a YouTube Channel that you can associate with and discuss throughout social media.

Some people try the sub for sub game and in the beginning it may get you a few subscribers, however, if it does it doesn’t guarantee that they will be active on your channel, which doesn’t do much good. Focus on good quality content and regular uploads and you’ll reach whatever your goals are for your YouTube Channel.

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