Splitting Time

Splitting Time

Everyone is Splitting Time whether they know it or not. Time is the most precious commodity. Once you use it you will never get it back. If you’re not careful, you can waste your time.

You May Not Realize It

whether you know it or not you are constantly Splitting Time whether it’s between work and family, Work and Youtube, Family, and YouTube. You have to constantly decide what you want to use your time on. However, if you’re not conscious of what you’re using your time on then it will slip away.

One thing I’m working on is being more cognizant of what I’m doing when I am Splitting Time. I have realized that when I’m watching TV, not only am I not being productive, I’m also taking time away from my family. That is precious time I could be spending playing with my kids.

Watching TV

I have noticed when I’m Splitting Time my biggest waste of time is watching TV. It’s so easy to come home from a long day of work and plop down on the couch and fire up the Boob Toob. That is definitely the one thing I’m working on. Turning off the TV and being more productive, whether it’s editing a video or writing a Blog Post.

What are you doing when you are Splitting Time? Are you spending time on work and family? Is it time in chasing your dreams and goals? Are you being productive or is most of your time being wasted?

My hope is that if you want you can be more conscious on what you’re spending your time on.  Be aware of what you’re doing and how you are spending your time on. You will never get your time back. If you need help or ideas please feel free to leave a comment or you can Contact Me.

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