Social Media

Social Media is all around you, everywhere you look. You can’t turn a corner without seeing somebody on a Social Media Platform. Social Media is a great tool for promoting your brand and your YouTube Channel.

Social Media


With the amount of Social Media platforms out there it’s hard to use all of them. I focus my attention on YouTube for obvious reasons. I also use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote my content. When I post a video to YouTube I will also promote it on Facebook and Twitter. Every now and then I will post an image on Instagram. Personally, I try to add the same content to Facebook and Twitter, and when I can Instagram.


I use Twitter to interact with a lot of other YouTubers. I have met so many other YouTubers and subscribers through Twitter, and I have had the chance to interact with them all. Some of them I have collaborated with and I continue to make plans to collaborate with others. Twitter has been the best way for me to interact with other Content Creators and Subscribers.


I set up a Facebook page for my channel. I use Facebook to share my content with my followers, and I can easily share it with the people that are on my personal profile. My Facebook page is set it up as a public Figure. However, there are multiple ways to set up a Facebook page. You can go through the options and find a category that meets your needs.


Instagram is different. I feel that not as many people use it. For me, I use it every now and then to share a picture of what I’m up to. It’s also fun to scroll through your feed and see what other Content Creators are doing. You can leave a comment for them and they can respond to the comment and interact that way.

Social Media is Everywhere

The nice thing with Social Media these days is almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet. You have all the Social Media at your fingertips and you can access it anywhere you go. It makes it easy to interact when you are busy or traveling.

Social Media is Useful

There are so many possible uses for Social Media. You can use it to interact with your followers, and share with them what you are up to. You can use it to promote your content. Use it to find more followers and subscribers. Let me know what you use Social Media for, Leave a comment and let me know. I’m always interested to see how others use Social Media.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Me.

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