My Camera Gear


The camera gear that I use to make my videos is fairly simple. Some people such as Casey Neistat and Caleb Wojcik say that camera gear doesn’t matter. It’s a tool that is used to capture a story. I’m slowly learning that the gear doesn’t matter. Yes, some camera gear does make it easier to capture the story. But it gives you the chance to learn about focusing on the story.  Focus on capturing the story, not on the camera gear, that is what really matters in the end. You’re not going to get massive view counts, or a ton of subscribers because of your gear. It’s all about the story and how you tell it. With that being said, here is the camera gear I use for my Vlogs.


The GoPro Hero 3+ Silver edition that I’m using is quite versatile. It is small and I can throw it in my pocket or in my backpack. It even has a waterproof case so it can be used in the pool or on a rainy day.

GoPro Hero 3+

while I am still using my GoPro every now and then, I am now using a Canon G7x Mark 2. I wrote an article about my first impressions of the G7x Here  

Canon G7x Mark 2


The tripod that I’m currently using is a Gorilla Pod from Joby.  It is easy to hold and I can manipulate it to get a good view of myself.

GoPro Microphone:

For my sound, I use an external microphone with a GoPro microphone adapter. With an aftermarket GoPro case that I drilled a hole into to put the microphone in. The downside is it is no longer waterproof so you have to be careful with that.

Editing Software

The last tool I use is my MacBook Pro that I have had for ages. I got it back when I was in school going through University. The editing software I use is Final Cut Pro X.  I use a free program called gimp for my photo editing to create all of my thumbnails.

I’m still learning and improving, but with that, I plan on adding more camera gear to make capturing the story easier and improve the quality of my YouTube videos.