Motovlogging Must Haves


I did a video of my Motovlogging Must Haves. These are things that I use to make my motovlogs, as well as my riding gear. I chose my riding gear so I could be as safe as possible. when riding a motorcycle it’s not the safest means of transportation, due to other drivers out there. However, I wanted to make sure I was as safe as I could be.

Motovlogging Must Haves


Starting from the bottom to the top, I have my boots. I have Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Boots. They are a hard-shelled boot that comes up over the ankle to provide protection to the ankle in case you hit something or if you go down. The boots have laces to tie as well as a buckle to make sure they don’t slide off.


My gloves are  Alpinestars they are built for motocross.  I wanted these because the street gloves have hard plastic on the knuckles.  I wanted something that was comfortable, easy to use.


My pants are Rhok USA Force Riders. They are Motorcycle Jeans. I wanted something that I could wear to work and not have to worry about a dress code.  They are denim with pads in the knees as well as in the hips.  My jeans have denim that is kevlar lined, which makes them stronger than regular jeans. Which means they won’t rip as easy when you go down.  Hopefully, I never find out how good they are.


Motorcycles have 3 different options.  They have Mesh, which is great because it offers a bit of breathing so when you’re out on a hot day it gets more wind through it.  The Textile is more wind resistant and offers a bit more protection if you were to go down.  Leather jackets offer the most protection, they are sturdy and don’t rip as easy. They also don’t breathe as easy either.

The jacket I have is a textile.  It’s a Speed and Strength Overkill.  My jacket has vents on the front and on the back to let more wind.  When you are moving the heat isn’t bad, it’s when you stop and the weather is 90 degrees or above that it gets really hot. My jacket has pads in the elbows as well as pads in the back for protection.


My helmet is a Speed and Strength.  It’s a full face helmet and has a sun visor as well for days the sun is bright.  On my helmet, I have a Sena SMH-10 as well as my GoPro Hero 3 Silver edition and a Sena GP-10.  The electronics is the magic to the motovlogs.  The SMH-10 sends my audio to the GP-10 which records my audio on the GoPro.

It’s pretty straight-forward and easy to use as long as you have everything turned on.  The problem is when you forget to turn something on.  The other thing that was pointed out by Gladius Jon was the audio is filtered through the SMH-10 that filters out noise.  It doesn’t have a true audio, which is why he’s using a wired microphone.  If I can I’m going to try and wire one into my helmet for next season.

I hope this gives you some information on Motorcycles and Motovlogging Must Haves. Let me know what you wear, or use if you ride a motorcycle. If you have any questions you can leave a comment, or feel free to

You can also check out my video on YouTube of my Motovlogging Must Haves.

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