Motovlogging Must Haves.

motovlog must haves

Recently I made a video about what I use for my motovlogs. My setup has changed since then, however, some of the information is still relevant. The Motovlogging Must-Haves are simple. You will need the following:


The majority of the motovloggig community is motorcycles, trikes or scooters.  I guess you could consider sitting in your car driving as a motovlog. However, most motovlogs are done on a motorcycle.


You don’t need a Helmet, however, the helmet is what most motovloggers use to connect their camera’s and microphone onto. If you don’t have a helmet you can hook the camera to the motorcycle, however, that won’t help you with the microphone.


This is a big one. I am currently using a GoPro Hero 5.  I have always been using a GoPro for all of my motovloggings. There have not been any issues with it.  However, you can get a good cheap action-camera. I have heard good things from the GoPro knockoffs for people that can’t afford the GoPro. However, I have never used one, so I can’t say anything about the quality. I just use my trusty GoPro. I have considered using a GoPro knockoff as a secondary camera in the future.

When I first started my motovlogging and my YouTube career I started with a Hero 3+ Silver edition It did 1080 up to 30 frames a second. I have since upgraded to the Hero 5 Black edition. At the moment I’m running 1080 60FPS to not cause extra strain on my computer during the edit. The GoPro can go all the way up to 4k.  If you want more of my opinions on the GoPro you can check out my GoPro Hero 5 Black Review.


This is another Motovlogging Must-Haves. When I first started I used a Seno GP-10 and Sena SMH-10 they were both Bluetooth and the GP-10 would record my audio from the SMH-10 to the GoPro. However, the new version of the GoPro uses a USB-C connector so the GP-10 is no longer compatible.

Audio Adapter

Since I have upgraded my camera I have purchased an Audio Adapter from GoPro. Unfortunately, there isn’t an aftermarket adapter so I had to buy the GoPro one.  I also had to buy a microphone.  I just got a lavalier microphone on Amazon for $10.00 It does the job and there isn’t any distortion.

One thing I would recommend is once you got everything hooked up.  You will want to make a few “test” rides to make sure the angle on the camera is good.  You will also want to test the audio and make sure that is working.

If you would like to watch my video on my Motovlogging Must-Haves you can do so.  I also go over all of the motorcycle gear that I have and use.

Are you a motovlogger and have a different setup?  Are you interested in motovlogging?  Leave a comment and let me know.  I would be happy to answer any questions.  If you would like you can contact me.

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