Loud Pipes are Annoying.

Loud Pipes

Loud Pipes are annoying and obnoxious.  If you’re out driving around and you hear those loud obnoxious pipes, then that is a good thing.  Believe it or not as annoying as they are, they do serve a purpose.

Motorcycles are small, and hard to see them, however, if they have a loud exhaust on them they are easier to be heard than spotted. As obnoxious as the Loud Pipes are, they do serve a purpose.

Do they save lives?

I read an article on RevZilla about Loud Pipes saving lives.  They bring up a good point that the pipes on the motorcycle are pointing backward and most of the sound is traveling backward.  The article talks about how, if you want to warn people in front of you. You would be better off if you upgrade your lights and your horn.

I was always in the understanding that Loud Pipes save lives.  My personal opinion is that Loud Pipes make it easier for more motorists to notice you in traffic, however, it’s not the only thing that is going to save your life.  I agree with RevZilla about adding the additional lights to your bike.  They have headlights on constantly for a reason.

Upgrade your Horn

I have heard motorcycle riders use their Loud Pipes more than their horn.  They will just grab the clutch and rip the throttle.  They have said the exhaust is louder than the horn.  That makes sense. However, we go back to the fact that it’s pointing backward.  It might be worth your while to upgrade your horn.  This is something that I personally have to look into myself.

My bike is stock

Buell Blast

My motorcycle is a Stock Buell Blast.  I haven’t had too many close calls luckily. However, with my bike being stock, it’s not loud at all.  I’ve looked into adding an exhaust to my bike to make it louder.  However, my bike is obscure, that there aren’t very many options to add an exhaust to my bike.

I have told myself that my next bike will have an exhaust on it.  It may not be the end all to motorcycle safety, however, it’s definitely a step in the right direction to get noticed.

What do you think of Loud Pipes?  Do you think they serve a purpose, or do you think they are just annoying?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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