Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

Learning to Ride a Motorcycle


Are you Learning to Ride a Motorcycle? I did that 3 years ago and It’s been one of the best decisions I have made.
The freedom and the joy you get is indescribable. You will never understand until you get out on the open road on 2 wheels.

If you are Learning to Ride a Motorcycle I would urge you to look into a Motorcycle Safety Foundation(MSF) course. I found an MSF course in Ohio. I took the course my first year getting on the motorcycle.

The other benefit at least in Ohio, taking an MSF course and passing excludes you from taking the road test at the DMV. So not only did I learn to ride a motorcycle safely. I also didn’t have to pay the extra fee to take the road test.

There is a Classroom Section

The MSF course has a classroom section that is full of instruction and training. It also includes 2 days on the motorcycle. The course that I took the motorcycles and helmets were provided, however, I took mine after I got my bike so I used my own helmet.

To take the MSF course you have to have either the temporary learners permit, that you get after taking the written test. Or, you have to have the motorcycle endorsement on your license. Also required are a coat, Jeans, and boots.

They Will Teach You

The MSF course will teach you how to ride a motorcycle. It will teach you the safety maneuvers to survive on the road when you need it. The first day on the bike they teach how to get comfortable with the bike. As well as getting it started and moving. After you’re comfortable on the bike, there are multiple drills that you go through. You practice breaking and maneuvering the bike around obstacles on the road.

There is a Test

The end of the second day you have the test, where everyone goes through the test one by one. If you fail the test, you have a chance to re-take the test either the same day or reschedule it. When taking the test, dropping the bike was an automatic fail.

When I took the course, there was an individual that failed the test on the quick stop portion of the test.  The individual grabbed the front brake too hard and the bike went end over. That was an automatic fail, however, he was able to take the test over again,

I am glad I took the MSF course.  I want to take it again to commit the safety maneuvers to muscle memory, that way when I do encounter something on the road I can react faster and more accurate.

What do you think about an MSF Course?  Did you take one when you were Learning to Ride a Motorcycle?  Leave a comment and let me know.  You can also Contact Me.

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