How to Stay Motivated

There are times in your YouTube career that you will get the wind knocked out of your sales. Here are some tips on how I Stay Motivated. There are times when I just get to the point that I’m not sure it’s worth it to create a video. A couple of examples, when I get ready to film a video and I turn the camera on and the battery is dead. Another one is when you just don’t feel very good, either you have a cold or a headache. You just don’t have the energy to create a video.

stay Motivated

Hard Times

When you have these times you need to remember that everyone has these kinds of problems. You can either give in and not create anything. Or You can either fight through it and create a video. If you continue to give in then it will just get easier and easier to just not create.

Creators Block

There might be times when you don’t have any good ideas for a video. What can you do to fight your creator’s block? Think of things that you enjoy, and create a video along those lines. I try to find activities that people care about and I put my spin on it.

I find that when I try to upload constantly I’m always running out of ideas. When I start running out of ideas I have to take a break. I let my brain relax for a couple days and then I can start uploading again.

Keep Moving Forward

One thing that may break your motivator is not seeing any positive results. If you don’t see any positive results don’t give up. Keep doing what you are passionate about and you will see the results. Every new YouTuber goes through a time of little to no growth. Don’t give up, keep Moving Forward and you will see growth. It just takes time.

I hope this helps you to Stay Motivated in your YouTube journey. If you have any tips or suggestions leave a comment and let me know what you do to Stay Motivated.

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