Gopro Hero 5 Quality

The GoPro Hero 5 Quality is pretty good. When I first started vlogging I started with a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition. The camera was great for vlogging with the addition of an external microphone. You can read my previos article here This article is on the Gofro Hero 5 Black edition.

I skipped the 4 and am now using the GoPro Hero 5. There are some great changes to the new GoPro and some that I’m not fond of.

GoPro has room for improvements.

I am going to start with the negatives, and get that out of the way. The new GoPro is supposed to be waterproof up to 33ft (10m). I haven’t had the chance to test this yet. However, I am a little nervous. I have heard stories of individuals that had problems with this. Water leaked in through the “waterproof” doors.

The aftermarket parts, aren’t there. When I bought my 3+ silver edition there were aftermarket parts all over the place. I got a case, and a microphone adapter on the cheap. With the new camera, I have scoured the internet and I haven’t been able to find any aftermarket parts. I got a microphone adapter from GoPro and that was $50.00. When I got mine for my 3 it was $10.00. The waterproof housing is $20.00, Hero 3+ housing I got was $5.00 off Amazon. The aftermarket parts, just aren’t there.

What I like about the GoPro

Now that’s over with let’s go with what is good about the camera. The nice thing is the touchscreen. The Hero 3+ silver didn’t have a screen at all. I had to either use my phone as the screen or guess what I was filming. Not with the Hero 5, it has a screen. The screen gives you a beautiful display of what you’re filming. The GoPro Hero 5 also does 4K30 / 1080p120 . I haven’t done anything in 4k yet, however, I am glad I have the option. It means I don’t have to upgrade my camera as soon as I normally would.

The audio is pretty good. The audio isn’t muted with a waterproof case, like it was with previous generations of the camera. I also have the microphone adapter, and that makes it better, however it’s not necessarily required. You will still get decent audio without the microphone adapter. And you will not have to worry about making it even less water proof. You have to take the door off, to plug in the microphone adapter.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the camera. It’s got some weaknesses, however, overall it’s a pretty good camera. It’s nice having the screen, and not having to use my phone. Although, I’ll admit I still use my phone, as the screen doesn’t rotate at all. The option for 4k is nice to have, even if I don’t use it yet. I would still recommend the GoPro for vlogging.

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