Find your YouTube Voice.

One of the hardest parts of becoming a YouTuber is finding your YouTube Voice. You don’t know what you’re doing when you first start a YouTube channel.

Before you start your YouTube Channel

Before you start your YouTube channel you watch a bunch of other YouTubers and figure out what they are doing. You figure out what is working and what is not working.

YouTube Voice

When you start making YouTube videos you try to emulate other YouTubers and what they are doing. Which makes sense either you like them and want to be like them. Or you just want to do what works. That is completely understandable.

Find a way to make it your own.

However, you don’t want to copy them forever. Try to find a way to make it your own. Figure out what is working and put your own spin on it. You’ll find some things that work. And somethings that don’t work. That is all part of finding your YouTube Voice. Also that way you’re not just copying someone else.  You are your own person. That will give the audience some variety. Keep doing what works and change the things that don’t work. Starting out on YouTube is all trial and error.

One thing that I found when I was trying to find my YouTube Voice was to just be yourself and have fun. I know when I first started I was self-conscious about being myself.  However, I realized that if they like me for me they will subscribe and support me.  If you are trying to be yourself then people will see how genuine you are. If you can be genuine and be yourself then people will start to come back to your channel. They will like your content and subscribe to your channel.

Finding your YouTube Voice can be hard.

Finding your YouTube Voice can be hard.  You might not figure it out in one or two videos.  Don’t give up, because when you do find your YouTube Voice you will start to grow. YouTube growth isn’t always fast, but it sure is rewarding.  I have gained so much from doing YouTube, I love the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had.

Are you struggling to find your YouTube Voice? What can others do to find their YouTube Voice? Leave a comment and help someone else out. If you have any questions you can Contact Me.

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