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Editing Software

Editing Software

One thing that I’m always curious when I get to know people that are making videos. whether it’s for YouTube or for another reason, what editing software are you using? It doesn’t matter which editing software you are using. They all do pretty much the same thing, just in different ways. Each one might have some specific functionality that the other doesn’t, however for the most part they are all similar.

Editing Software

Final Cut Pro

I am currently using Final Cut Pro X. In my opinion, a great program to work with. One of the features I like the most with FCPX is that it does all the rendering in the background. It allows you to keep working as it’s rendering. My limited time with Adobe Premiere it wouldn’t preview until done with editing. After editing you would have to render, then preview the work. I was informed by a fellow vlogger that FCPX renders in the background.

Adobe Premiere

The nice thing about Adobe Premiere was the library of tutorials that Adobe has put out. It quite detailed on how to do quite a bit of editing with the program. I haven’t found any tutorials that were put out by Apple on FCPX. I have turned to YouTube to learn what I have with the FCPX editing software.


One of my favorite vloggers started his career using an old macintosh with iMovie. iMovie is the free software that comes with Mac OS for free. He didn’t have any money to purchase another editing software, so he used what was available to him. I have heard of people using the camera on their smartphone, and even using Imovies on the IOS. It’s not as in depth as a full editing software, however if that is what is available to you it’s a viable option to start making videos.

I’m curious, what editing software other people are using. Please leave a comment and let me know what you are using. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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