Door Dash Springfield Ohio

Door Dash Springfield Ohio. Now you can order food from your favorite restaurants and have it delivered to your door. It’s great.

If you’re not up for going out. If you have kids and don’t want to pack the kids to go get food. You can have it at your door with Door Dash.

I heard an experience where they were ripping off the customers. Out of curiosity, I had to look into it.

There is an App

I downloaded the app and I ordered my food from my favorite restaurant. However, I didn’t see any hidden fees. It was the same price as if I had ordered through the restaurant myself. There was the service fee, however, it was waived as it was my first order.

I got the estimated delivery of 45 minutes, which was double what it would be if I had to go pick it up. That wasn’t a huge issue. I was OK with the swap for convenience. Not having to load the kids in the car is great.

The app tracks your food through the whole process. It’s pretty cool actually.

I ordered at 12:52 with an estimated delivery of 1:29. At 1:54 I got a notification that my food was picked up from the restaurant.

At that point, the app started updating delivery times saying 7-10 minutes for delivery.

This is Where the Fun Begins

This is where this fun begins. Started getting multiple phone calls and texts from the Dasher. She stated that she was putting our address into the GPS, however, it was taking her to another business in the same complex of the restaurant. (If we were that close why would we use the service?)

I called her and tried to give her directions. She stated that she was not from Springfield Ohio. Area code she was calling from was a California area code. I’m guessing she was helping start the Door Dash Springfield Ohio service.

I sent her map directions from Google maps to help her. And when I looked up the address from where she was it was the same as ours, except the street. Apparently, she put the address in with the street name of the restaurant.

We Got Delivery

At 2:23 our food was delivered. The nice thing is there was no cash involved. I was able to pay with Apple pay or a credit card. The not so nice thing, you put your tip in when you pay, so there is no way to change it if the service is bad.

I’m not sure if I will use the service again. I don’t know if this was a one-off experience or if this is how they all go. Have you used Door Dash? What has been your experience with the service, leave a comment and let me know? You can also Contact Me.

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