Clifton Gorge, Springfield Ohio.

One of the fun things about being in a new state is seeing all the things there are to see. I have been to Clark Lake and Buck Creek multiple times. I love having a motorcycle and being able to ride around and see what Springfield Ohio. and the surrounding area has to offer. This time I rode out to Clifton Gorge, Springfield Ohio.

Clifton Gorge, Springfield Ohio.

Not a Grand Canyon

I went out there expecting to see something grand like the Grand Canyon. I rode down there and I got lost, not knowing where I was going. Once I found it there was a walking trail from the parking lot, and signs directing you.

I walked about 1/2 a mile and I was losing sunlight, but there wasn’t anything grand like I was expecting. I don’t know if I didn’t go far enough, or if it wasn’t what I imagined. It was a bit lacking in the grand department, however, I was able to ride and that is enjoyable by itself.

Having a Motorcycle

Because I have a motorcycle I can see more of the Springfield Ohio. Area cheaper. I get 50 MPG on the sweet hog, therefore, it is cheaper to get out and explore. I always enjoy trying to find more sights to see and more adventures in the Springfield Ohio. area.

Looking Around

I’m always looking at the maps and looking online to see what else I can do in the Springfield Ohio. and Columbus Ohio area that we can do as a family.

If you know of any cool places to go in the Springfield Ohio. area please leave a comment. Let me know what you like about the area. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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