Change Your YouTube Channel Layout

Many people starting a YouTube channel aren’t aware that you can change your YouTube Channel Layout. You can edit the look and feel of your channel by adding a banner and giving it your own style.

YouTube Channel Layout

Change Your Home Page

When you first start a channel it gives you a basic channel with your activity on the home page. First of all, you can change your homepage to show your video uploads instead of your activity feed. The way I have mine set up is for new visitors it will show my Channel trailer. For my subscribed visitors it shows my most recent uploads and goes backward.

Playlists are Key

Below that, I have created a playlist of all my vlogs.  Every time I make an upload I add the video to the playlist. This gives my new subscribers an easy way to go back and watch the vlogs. They can start from the beginning rather than watching backward.

The other playlist I have made and put on my home page is a playlist of my popular videos. This playlist is generated by YouTube as a result of your YouTube analytics. It comprises the videos that have garnered your channel the most amount of video views.

Channel Trailer

One thing that will really help your channel is a trailer. If you can come up with a trailer you can upload it and assign it as your channel trailer. Just like a movie trailer, it will give the new visitor a glimpse of what your channel is really about. Furthermore, you can create and add a new channel trailer at any point that you want.

Side Bar

On my sidebar, I have added a list of some of the related channels. These are channels that I have worked with as a result of their support. It tells YouTube as well as your subscribers which YouTubers you support and have worked with. It’s a nice easy way to provide support for some of the other YouTubers that you enjoy watching. It will direct your subscribers to their channel. Try to find YouTubers that have similar content as yours because the audiences would be very similar.

Personalize Your Banner

By changing your YouTube Channel Layout you want to make it look uniform with your content and your personality. Add some channel art to give the channel your own personal style and flare rather than looking bare.  I found a template on the internet and I used that and modified the image to add my background images and my social media networks.   Upload your logo and make it look as professional as possible.

These are a few basic ways you can mix up the look of your channel.  If you have any questions please leave a comment or you can contact me.

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