Canon G7 X Mark II

My first impression of the Canon G7 X Mark II, are good. I knew I wanted it because all of the top vloggers use it. When I got the camera I was happy to have a screen that I can see what I am filming.

Canon G7 X Mark II

I was using the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver edition. The camera is nice and I would recommend it to anyone, but one of the biggest flaws was there was no screen. The Canon G7 X Mark II has a screen that flips up so you can use it in vlogger mode.


One thing that I was looking forward to was the decent sound from the Microphones. I knew that I would have to get some after-market microphone muffs to block out some of the wind noise, so I had planned ahead for that. However, I did have an issue when I put my first muff on I blocked the two microphone holes. You have to use two separate microphone muffs.

Time Lapse

When I bought the Canon G7 X Mark II I didn’t know it had a true Time Lapse mode. Instead of taking a video and speeding it up, it takes individual shots and puts it into video format. It’s not taking a video and speeding it up in production.

Another great thing I found when going through the instruction booklet is that the Canon G7 X Mark II will allow you to modify some of the most common camera settings that you can with a DSLR to modify the look of the picture or the video. I’m still looking into it, but this may be a great substitute for a big and bulky Digital SLR.

Point and Shoot

The Canon G7 X Mark II is more than what I would traditionally spend for a point and shoot. You can buy a beginner DSLR for the same price. But the compact size and the additional features make this a very handy camera to have in your Vlogging arsenal. I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone who is looking into getting into YouTube and Vlogging.

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