Best Vlogging Camera

One of the most common questions in the vlogging world or even YouTube is what is the Best Vlogging Camera or camera for YouTube.

best vlogging camera

Point and Shoot

Some of the most popular camera’s that are used by the big time vloggers like Roman Atwood and Alfie Deyes is the canon g7x. It’s a very versatile camera that will shoot 1080 at 60fps. The screen will rotate up so you can look at the screen while you are vlogging, that way you can see what you’re doing. It has a touch screen that will allow you to modify settings.


Some of the bigger vloggers will use a DSLR such as Casey Neistat will use a Canon Canon EOS 80D which gives him the ability to make manual changes to the shot that a regular point and shoot camera does not. It also gives him the option of changing the lenses to get different shots. It has a flip screen that allows him to look at the camera as he’s vlogging.


Some YouTubers will use a Gopro. I have a GoPro Hero 3+ White edition that I use when I’m Vlogging. I have an aftermarket case that I drilled a hole into so I could use a lavalier Microphone. It goes up to 1080 at 30fps and is small and versatile. There is no screen so you either have to guess what you’re doing, use the phone app, or spend the money to get the addon screen.


The last option is the smartphone, whether it’s an android or an iPhone. Depending on your phone camera settings would depend on what you’re capable of using the phone for. I have used my iPhone 6s as a vlog camera for quite a while. I would just use the facetime camera on the front so I had a screen to use as I was vlogging. The smartphone camera has a touch screen that will also allow you to modify the settings. The downfall is that there is no flip screen.

I don’t think there is a definite Best Vlogging Camera. There are definitely cameras that you can use for vlogging. One may make it easier than another to vlog, but you can use any camera you want.

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