Best Vlogging Camera Smartphone or GoPro

Best Vlogging Camera Smartphone or GoPro.  When you are starting a YouTube channel you need to figure out a camera. Figuring out what camera you are going to be using will depend on what you have available.  I use a combination of the iPhone 8 plus and a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver edition.  What camera I use, will depend on what I am filming.

Best Vlogging Camera Smartphone or GoPro

GoPro Vlogging

I asked the Twittersphere who uses a GoPro for vlogging.  I got this reply from Savage Wolf  @WOLFVLOGER on Twitter

Well, what’s good about the GoPros is they always capture everything. However, you have to put it in a wide angle mode. When it comes to the batteries the batteries last about an hour. Before you have to replace it with another battery. When it comes to using a GoPro vlogging it’s not really that bad but the problem is the audio unless you figure out how to get better audio for the GoPro. For me, it’s not really good for vlogging. No GoPros come with accessories and they do have mics for the GoPro but I’m not really sure if I would work with the GoPro Hero 5 maybe the older model

I have to say that GoPros are very convenient also because of how small they are. You can leave early put your GoPro in your pocket. Another thing is that it comes with a bunch of mounts and that’s one of the things I like about GoPro

I have a GoPro and that is what I use for my Motovlogging.  I have also used it in my vlogs with an external microphone. The other problem I don’t like about the GoPro, at least mine has no screen.  The newer ones come with a screen. Check out my full write up on vlogging-with-gopro/

Smartphone Vlogging

I asked the Twittersphere again about using a Smartphone. I got this reply from @mrteebeesvlogs 

Samsung Galaxy s 8 Plus


  1. It is easy to use on the go and at times smartphones have the same if not better quality footage than a camera does. At least mine does and can keep up with the latest of 4k.
  2. There are tons of apps on android and ios that will help someone edit a great looking video. Most of them all you have to do is pay to have the end watermark logo of the editing software that is usually between 99 cents and 5 dollar which is way cheaper than the high dollar editing software on a computer. A great way to get started making videos without all that high dollar editing software and high dollar cameras (especially since just about everyone has a smartphone nowadays).
  3. Same as number 2 pretty much but people pretty much always have a smartphone on them so they cannot say well if I had my camera I could have captured this or that.


  1. Best camera is always on the back side of the phone (which most people want to use the best resolution camera on their phone and I wish they would make the better cam the selfie facing cam or at least make them the same resolution front and back) where you can not see if you are even in the shot unless you do a screen recorder on a laptop or you use a mirror.
  2. With audio, there are different volume levels for different places and how far you are from the smartphone camera and there are external audio mics for smartphones but they are not nearly as good as the ones you would get with a regular camera.

But the biggest hurdles I have is the audio as I said and having to settle for the lesser camera resolution so I can see that I am still in the shot or whatever I am filming is still in the shot.

For the most part, I prefer using my iPhone 8 plus.  I use the front facing camera because I like to be able to see what I am filming. The one downfall of the iPhone is the filming. If you want to switch between cameras you have to stop what you are filming.  This has to be something in the software that Apple should be able to fix.  Not sure if they ever will.

The GoPro is nice, however, the one downfall is there is no screen.  I want to be able to see what I am filming.  Another problem with the Gopro is the audio like Savage Wolf mentioned.  The onboard audio is almost useless.  You need to have an external microphone to get anything worthwhile.  The final problem is there is a minimal zoom.  There are 3 settings and you have to stop what you are filming to change them.

In conclusion, the Best Vlogging Camera will depend on how you want to film and what you want out of the camera.  You can use either camera to film your vlog.  What do you think the Best Vlogging Camera is? Leave a comment and let me know. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Me.

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