Being Productive

Being Productive

Being Productive is hard sometimes. You know when you sit down and want to watch some TV or some YouTube. It’s nice to relax and enjoy some entertainment. However, the problem with that is you’re not Being Productive.

I know I catch myself not being non-productive and I have to switch my thinking and my state of mind. I have to switch from being lazy to Being Productive. There are times that I have to wrestle with myself into Being Productive. It’s so much easier to be lazy.

Why Being Productive

What is the purpose of Being Productive?. Well, when you’re working hard you are working towards your own goals. It means you are Moving Forward and Chasing Dreams. It’s all a step towards achieving your goals. You won’t get anywhere in life when you’re being lazy.

Help in Being Productive

I have been on the hunt to help myself become more productive. One thing I found is an app called Asana. It’s a web-based app and there is a free version. It allows you to make a checklist of things that need to be done. You can add completion dates and check on dates. You can also collaborate with others on projects.

Social Media Waste of Time?

With Social Media these days you could be online doing something productive and promoting yourself. All of a sudden you see something off topic, and then you go down an unexpected rabbit hole. You have to constantly remind yourself to be productive. Social Media is a great tool to help you achieve your dreams. However, there is a ton of garbage out there that will swallow a lot of time if you let it.

Be Aware of Your Time

You have to constantly be aware of your time and how you are using it. Are you Being Productive or are you not. For myself, I know it’s a constant battle that I have to fight.

What do you guys do when you catch yourself being lazy and non-productive? How do you change your productivity level? Are you able to change from being non-productive to Being Productive? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. You can also Contact Me. and we can talk.

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