Being a YouTube Content Creator

Being a Content Creator

Being a YouTube Content Creator on Youtube is a hard job. There is a lot of work that is involved for a short 5 – 10-minute video. There are hours of filming and hours of editing. Not to mention if you’re starting out as a Content Creator you’ve got to learn how to work the camera, as well as use the video editing software.

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Filming, Editing and Uploading.

Once you have filmed, edited and uploaded the video there are countless hours of promoting your content. You’re not going to get a bunch of views, subscriptions right off the bat. Your video isn’t going to go viral. It’s going to take time and effort to get traction on YouTube as a YouTube Content Creator.

Starting at the Bottom

You start out at the bottom of the YouTube chain. It helps if you have a good amount of friends and family that will support you in your YouTube Content Creator dreams. Once you start getting views, likes, comments and subscriptions you will start to get more and more traction on YouTube.

Good Support is Key

Other than friends and family supporting you in your YouTube Content Creator journey the next step would be to promote your content through Social Media. Social Media can give you a huge boost in not only sharing your content. It will also allow you to meet other YouTube enthusiasts. Other Youtube enthusiasts that will share tips and tricks that they have learned.

If you Love it Do It

Starting a YouTube channel and becoming a YouTube Content Creator is definitely hard work. There is lots of hours put into your videos. First starting out there isn’t much return on your investment. If you enjoy it though and you can push through all the ups and downs. You can make it into whatever you want it to be whether it’s a hobby, or a full time job. Don’t give up on it if that is what you enjoy, and want to do with your life. Have fun with it and enjoy what you do.

Starting a YouTube Channel

I hope this helps you in learning your way through YouTube and becoming a YouTube Content Creator. If you want to learn about starting a YouTube channel check out my post
Starting a YouTube Channel

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