4 Keys to get YouTube Views

With the new YouTube policy regarding the YouTube Partner Program and the requirement to have 10,000 YouTube Views before you can apply for the program. With this new policy, you need to step you your game to get as many as possible YouTube Views per video.

You can upload a video to YouTube and hope that it will get views. You can also share it with your friends and family to get some more views. The other option is to follow a few key steps that will help you get more YouTube Views. These 4 steps will maximize the amount of YouTube Views you get. These 4 steps will help other people find and view your YouTube videos using the algorithm.

YouTube Views

1, Thumbnail

The first major key to getting YouTube Views is having a thumbnail that effectively shows what your video is about. The thumbnail gets people to click on the video. Your Thumbnail is the first thing that any YouTube visitor will see when they open up YouTube. It shows Thumbnail images of recommended videos based on their viewing history. Your thumbnail will be the first impression and the first opportunity to get someone to view your video.

2, Title

The second major key to getting YouTube Views is your Title. Sometimes Content Creators will spend more time coming up with a title then they spend on the video. The purpose of a title is to invoke an emotion inside you to get you to click on the video. Every so often I will even take a look at my videos and think about the title. I try to think of something else I can use for the title to get people to click on the video.

3. Description

The description is your thumbnail in word form, it describes what your video is about. I have also added a general description of my channel to all of my video descriptions. Along with the channel description, I added links to my Social Media into each one of my videos. If there is some consistency it will help the YouTube algorithm with ranking your videos.

4, Keywords.

Most of all Keywords are a major key to getting views. This is what people use when they search, they search for keywords. Then YouTube Algorithm will go through your tags and see what matches up with the keywords that people are using to search for. I go into a bit more detail on where I find my keywords on my YouTube Marketing article.

As a result of following these 4 simple steps, you can get better results on your YouTube Views. You’re not going to get a bunch of views all at once but you will increase the number of views you get.

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